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I have studied many Network Marketing companies and I have found something very interesting.  Travel MLMs.  The first thing I wanted to find out is: Are travel MLMs scams?  My first impression was yes they were, but if experience has taught me anything it is things are not always what they appear to be in this industry.  My other experiences with Network Marketing companies had conditioned me to believe that there has to be a physical product that a potential customer can hold, taste or even smell.  As I dug, I found that if there is an actual travel product then it could produce something to hold, taste and smell.  So, providing it’s legitimacy, a travel MLM would be very powerful indeed.  The more I dug the more I started seeing one company more than others, WorldVentures.  Let me tell you what I found.

First of all, there are a few important questions I ask to determine if a company is legit.  Is the company old enough?  Is it young enough?  Is it a US based company?  Has the company expanded worldwide?  What is their annual revenue?  Are they in debt?  And a few more.

So I asked all of these about WorldVentures.  The most amazing thing is I couldn’t find anything negative about this company.  All of the questions answered were positive.  Here is what I found out.  The company was founded in December 2005.  A perfect age for a successful company for both the company and reps.  CHECK. It is based in Plano Texas (just outside of Dallas), USA.  CHECK. WorldVentures has now expanded into 14 other countries.  CHECK. Since their inception they have generated over 300 million dollars in revenue.  CHECK. After 3 months they were debt free as a company.  DOUBLE CHECK! I told you.

I also found that in 2010 World Ventures was named one of Direct Selling News’ “Global 100″, the 100 largest Direct Sales Companies Worldwide.  In business all of these things are called clues.

Then I decided to look into the Executive Team.  I was astounded.  The founders and the Chief Marketing and Technology Officer are very well known in the network marketing community.  Mike Azcue, and Wayne Nugent have built massive teams and downlines in their own right.  Mike Azcue is now the CEO and Wayne Nugent is the Chief Visionary Officer.  To top it all off the man in charge of marketing is none other than Dan Stammen who built a massive team in Pre-Paid Legal.  He sold his business with them and then joined WorldVentures.

One other question I wanted to ask was:  Is there any money to be made in a travel mlm?  I found this video on Youtube.  It is the CEO of WorldVentures and their national convention.  Check this out!


The last little bit of investigating I did was on their two products.  The first is a Travel website called Rovia.  It is performing very well in direct competition with the big boys (Expedia, Travelocity, etc.).  The second product is a vacation club called DreamTrips.  This is their flagship product.  Their are to many details to get into, but it is safe to say that DreamTrips is the reason they are doing so well.

WorldVentures is currently in our MLM spotlight so be sure to click on the banner to the right under MLM Spotlight to get the 411 on this amazing company.

To learn more about WorldVentures goto >>>> http://travellife.rightsolution.biz/

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    Are Travel MLMs Scams? ~ A WorldVentures Review http://bit.ly/drLel4

  2. Howie Perks says:

    RT @TheMLMSpot: Are Travel MLMs Scams? ~ A WorldVentures Review http://bit.ly/drLel4

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    @CinEspin RT @MLMOnlineMentor: Are Travel MLMs Scams? ~ A WorldVentures Review http://bit.ly/drLel4

  4. Are Travel MLMs Scams? ~ A WorldVentures Review http://bit.ly/drLel4

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