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What Is The Best Way To Generate Network Marketing Leads

What is the best way to generate network marketing leads?

Its interesting, especially in the last six months or so all the banter in the network marketing community (online or offline) about what they best source of leads is for their network marketing business.

I run several businesses, best mlm leads, one of which is a Network Marketing Business, and another a SEO business, and this question comes up time and time again.  What is the best source of customers for my business?

Now, if you talk with our upline, no doubt you are going to get answers like “your friends, your neighbors, your family”, etc….. and in my opinion, that is complete rubbish and I’ll explain why with a quick little story below.

Let me tell you a story here.  I was at a Meetup.com with some local marketing guys, and up came one fellow who looked like he felt a little bit out of place.  I’d say every one of the guys at the Meetup.com was an online marketer, me included we were all bantering on about the latest Search Engine updates (which I’ll go  into another time), but I happened to strike up a conversation with this guy.

Turns out he didn’t do anything online marketing related, but was rather a Direct Mail Marketer.

What do I mean by that?  Well, you see, he sells jewelery and perfume to a certain “demographic” which he was pretty specific about, best mlm lead, and he was quite successful at it to boot.

Now how did he go about finding those people to send his mail letters to?

He went out and bought BUYERS lists of those who had already bought jewelry or perfume.

Let me say that again a different way, he went out and bought buyers lists of people who had already shown a propensity to want what he had to offer.

No, he didn’t host parties, didn’t “do” home improvement expos, and he most certainly didn’t try to sell ‘em to his family and friends.

What is even more fascinating is that he actually had them mail order the form back to him, credit card number all filled out, ready to buy.

It reminds me of an old marketing saying from a gentleman known as Gary Halbert, who asked the question,” If you owned a hamburger stand, what would the one thing that you would want to be successful?”

Lots of people answered, “A great burger” or a “premium burger”, “great condiments”, or even “great looking waitresses”.

However, shaking his head, Halbert answered, “Nope, none of you got it right…the best thing to have to sell hamburgers to is a HUNGRY CROWD”.

Think about it, a hungry crowd will just about eat anything you put in their path, because they have a certain its to scratch, and won’t settle until they are done.


hamburger stand is like generating leads online

So what does that mean for you and your business?

You need a hungry crowd to market to, whether it is your vitamins, juices, lotions, or potions, or your opportunity.

Now, here is the trick, where is the best place to find a hungry crowd?  Offline, without a doubt, it is lists of buyers in that market, much like the guy I was telling you about did with his business.

He would go out and buy or rent lists of previous buyers of jewelery or perfume and market the same thing to them again, because they already have shown a propensity to buy…..and a propensity to look for a certain kind of product.

You can do the same thing with your network marketing product, go out and buy lists of previous buyers of vitamins, best mlm lead, health products, lists of subscribers to health magazines, etc and market to them.

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