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Pyxism   MLM Business ReviewPyxism is a fairly new company in the travel network marketing arena. In this review we will cover the company, products and compensation plan to help you decide if this is the right travel mlm company for you.

The company was founded in 2009 by Lloyd Wilson. He has a background in sales and as a top recruiter in network marketing. The corporate office for Pyxism is located in San Clemente, California, USA. Their website states that they are a licensed Seller of Travel in California, Washington, Florida, & Iowa. Hawaii is pending and other states do not require a license.

Pyxism Products

When Pyxism 1st launched members received a choice of travel certificates. The Pyxism travel certificates were 3 day, 2 night vacation certificates or 8 day resort getaway certificates that promise a stay at 3-4 star resorts.

It seems now they are offering a handful of wholesale vacations on a specific date to their members called Dream Vacations. From visiting their website is seems as though they have about 20 to choose from and growing. The amount of Dream Vacations a person can take is also limited depending on what level of the program you buy into.

Along with the Dream Vacations, Pyxism also offers “Pyxism Worldwide Resort Weeks“, “Travel Portal“, “Travel Desk” and “5 Star Hotel Program” (The 5 Star Hotel Program is only available at their “FastTrack Navigator” level which is a buy-in of $3,299. More on pricing and pay plan in the comp plan section below). With  the Worldwide Resort Weeks they state on their website that you will have access to over 5000 Premium PYXISM Worldwide Resort Properties.

The Pyxism Travel Portal is a re-seller booking engine provided by Travelocity where members can receive commissions from travel booked through their site. This Travelocity re-seller program is also used by other travel network marketing companies like Traverus. Ytb/ZamZuu uses a re-seller booking engine from Orbitz. The only travel MLM that I know of that developed and owns their own booking engine that is performing very well is WorldVentures.

All in all, the products Pyxism provides their members seem to help save money and are of value. They have come a long way from the travel certificates they initially offered. They seem limited in amount of trips offered at this time but they continue to add more and improve their value as the company grows.

Pyxism Comp Plan

Pyxism works off what they call a power compensation plan.  There are 6 pricing options to join the company ranging from $50 all the way to $3, 299. All which come with specific restrictions as to what products you get and how many times you can go on a vacation per year using the Dream Vacation product.

Their compensation is broken up into “The Compass“, “The Horizon” and “The Navigator” pay plans. The “Compass” and “Horizon” are described as a ladder with 11 positions that payout $750 and $2,250 when completed. The “Navigator” ladder has 15 positions and pays out $12,000.

To get paid from the ladder works off a point system. There are 4 ways to generate points, which are buy a Retail Travel Storefront, make a Retail Sale, Enroll Associates, and if someone you enrolled completes a ladder. The only person that gets paid when all 11 spots on the ladder are filled (5 are always already filled when you are placed on a ladder) is the person with the most points. Once this happens then the remaining 10 people are split into 2 different new ladders with the people that had the most points on the ladder before at the top and it starts all over again.

You must graduate from the Compass and Horizon ladders in order to take part in the Navigator. This is a very unique compensation plan and to me it seems like you are competing with people to get paid instead of helping others on your team to get paid as in most successful comp plans.

Pyxism Success

It seems to have success in Pyxism is you will have to be the one with the most most points to continuously cycle out of the ladder at the top. This will be determined who makes the most retail sales and can recruit the most people. Upon looking at the Pyxism website it is not very clear as to what type of training the company provides to help new reps succeed.

Most companies will teach you to make a list of family and friends. This works but can leave many reps high and dry if they run through their warm market without much success.

The Internet is a very powerful resource not taught by many companies. If you want to generate laser targeted leads of like-minded people online to help in climbing the ranks of your new Pyxism business visit http://totalprofitsystem.com.

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