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Making a Personalized Business Plan for Your Network Marketing Business

Every business requires a plan or technique for success. Simply making the effort to create your MLM business plan may mean the greatest difference between succeeding and failing.

The 6 sections of an MLM Business Plan

1. Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

To stay current and essentially vie with everybody else in the home business arena today, you need to be promoting yourself. Your abilities, knowledge, and leadership within the MLM market is what will sell you. You need folks to see you as somebody who can explain to them how to be a success and then they’ll sign up irrespective of your company.

This is call Attraction Marketing. If you have never heard of it I strongly urge you to check out the Magnetic Sponsoring ebook that started this unique way of marketing.

Your USP should be you! The correct way to make yourself stand out from other leaders. Are you friendly, a parent, a college student, a retiree, etc? What will make people wish to work with you?

2. The Lead’s Journey

What communication does your lead have with you? Are there ways to automate the relationship you are growing (such as using an autoresponder)? Do they have somewhere they can come to find out more from and about you (such as a blog or social site)? Are you leading them thru a journey so they will end up wanting to work directly with you?

This is best done in a flowchart or some visible way so you can see the process your prospect goes on. You might want to think about, when are you calling them, when are you getting them back to your blog and content, etc.

3. Lead Generation Method

How are you going to be marketing yourself and your business? You’ll need to form a squeeze page that markets you, but how are you getting folk to the website?

Some example methods are: Content promotion, pay-per-click, social media promoting, and so on. You want to be certain that whatever you select you learn Everything about that system and keep at it till you get some success.

4. Team Member’s Journey

What occurs when somebody joins your team? Most new MLMers quit in the first 90 days. Raise your retention rate by setting people up for success. Make them make their own MLM business plan. Have the proper tools in place for them (i.e. What promotional system will they use, how can they hit the ground running?) Communicate lots with them to make certain they use the momentum they get from signing up and get some wins fast.

5. The 2 Year Plan

Where do you want to be in 2 years? Are you wanting to be expanding your enterprise from your new beach home? Do you want to be putting in 5 hours per day, or do you want to be more hands off? You need to decide what you want so that you can implement the right selling now!

If you would like to be more handsoff later you need to build some evergreen marketing!

6. Your Present 90 Day Commitment and Tracker

What are you going to do TODAY? What are you going to do TOMORROW? How are you going to move towards your targets?

If you’re doubtful just give your promoting methodology and MLM business plan a 90 day trial, at the end you may know whether you can be successful in Network marketing or not.

Make a 90 day objective of how much traffic you may build, how many prospects you may create, and how many sign-ups it will become. Then track what you do weekly.

You can automate almost all of your MLM business plan by having the right marketing software in place! I use a marketing system (MLSP) to automate both the lead’s journey and the team member’s journey so that I don’t have to hold anyone’s hand through the method. Learn more by checking out the indepth review of My Lead System Pro.

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