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iWowWe   MLM Business ReviewiWowWe (Now re-named to just Wowwe) is a new company on the mlm business scene. In this review we will talk about the owners, product, compensation plan and having success with a iWowWe business.

The company was started by William Starkey in October 2007. It is based in The Woodlands, Texas. The company is registered with the BBB in August 2010 and recently won the 2011 BBB’s Award for Excellence.


iWowWe (Wowwe) Products

The main product is video email and video conferencing. The video email is free to you and the company states that it will always be free to use. The video email comes with a variety of different templates to choose from and also the ability to upload your own personal templates for personal or business branding. For a small upgrade fee you can use the video conferencing room which allows for 50 people and requires no user download for participants like GotoMeeting does. Also, the video email and conferencing products seem to be a great tool to promote your main MLM business without interfering as well as adding an additional income source.

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iWowWe (WowWe) Compensation Plan

iWowWe uses a 3×7 company forced matrix as their affiliate pay plan. In order to take part of the matrix you need to upgrade. The cost to upgrade is $69.95 and $19.95 month. This comp plan is very unique in that all sales brought in from the company advertisements will go into the matrix. The matrix will pay out an unheard of 80% and there are NO Sponsoring requirements to get paid. The matrix can pay out up to about $4,000 a month even without any personal recruits since the matrix is forced and there are no personal recruiting requirements to qualify. If you are looking to sponsor others into the company then your efforts will be rewarded. iWowWe has a pay match for all personally sponsored customers. Sponsor 3 personals and you get a 25% pay match. Sponsor 5 personals and you get a 50% pay match. Sponsor 8 personal and you get a 75% and sponsor 10 you get a 100% pay match.

WowWe Success

To achieve success in this company it seems that all you need to do is lock a position in the company matrix. By doing so, all that would need to happen is to have a handful of people placed under you through the forced matrix and now your product and business would be free. Since the video email is free, a person could easily give away this service to others and let them try it out. If they upgrade then you get paid. So having success in iWowWe seems to be integrated into this unique comp plan.

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