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Global Resorts Network   MLM Business ReviewGlobal Resorts Network (GRN) officially launched in 2007 as the travel network marketing arm of a VIP Luxury Resort Membership program started in 1999. This VIP program used to be sold privately to high net worth people through exclusive sales presentations. In this article we will discuss GRN’s products, compensation plan and leadership.

Global Resorts Network Leadership

The president and CEO of GRN is Alfonso H. Morales. His background is in the sales and marketing field. He was the president of Western Energy Systems. In 1998, Alfonso started his new career in the travel industry and sold time share resort properties in Arizona, California, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. On the corporate website there is no further information about other corporate team members or their experience in the network marketing industry.

Global Resorts Network Product

The main product of GRN is a membership that boasts access to more than 5,000 3, 4 and 5 star quality resorts worldwide. They say they get special membership pricing through leases, wholesale contracts, and the bulk purchases of accommodation inventory.

GRN is a high ticket program. The cost to become a member of Global Resorts Network is not meant for the average person. To get a membership at their basic “Gold”plan it is $1495 and $2995 for their “Platinum” plan. The “Gold” plan comes with restrictions as to how many vacation weeks you can take per year. The Gold Plan also only gives you access for 36 months whereas the “Platinum” plan is unlimited.

Global Resorts Network Compensation Plan

GRN refers to their comp plan as “Perpetual Leverage”. You will get paid on all “Gold” and “Platinum” membership sales. Every sale that is made pays 2 people. One person will get paid a retail commission and the other person gets paid a retail over-ride.

All Gold members will get paid $500 on a new Platinum sale and all Platinum members will receive $1000. If you decide to join GRN as a rep only without buying the membership, your very 1st sale commission will roll up to your sponsor.

Global Resorts Network pay plan seems to work off  a matrix with unlimited width and depth. You can sponsor as many front-line reps as you can and then get paid on sales they make and sales their team makes.

The first person on your team on Level 1 that makes a sale qualifies you to earn on level 2. You will earn commissions on every sale that first person makes on level 2 but will only earn commission on every other rep’s first level 2 sale. This process will continue to unlimited depth.

In GRN’s pay plan it seems there is great money to be made since it pays out $500 and $1000 commissions on a big ticket product. However, it is hard to see any long-term residual income being earned since there is no continuity program built into the pay plan.

Global Resorts Network Success

In order for you to achieve success in GRN’s program you will have to learn how to get the information in front of the right people. Being that it is a higher priced program than most other travel MLM’s, it can be more difficult to build. A new rep will likely fail unless they have family and friends that have the kind of money it takes to buy into a program like this. However, learning how to leverage the power of the Internet can greatly increase the chances of success.

Learning how to generate leads online to find like-minded people that see GRN and want to build it can increase your success and ability to earn ten-fold.

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